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Shocking new music by Max Urban

"The Sink",  VideoPromo from "The Shocker"

"Scratch Happy Rabbit,Video Promo from "The Shocker"

Max Urban wrote and arranged all of the musical compositions contained on this mostly instrumental disc. 
He also played the guitar on all of the tracks as well as sang the vocal parts to the only non-instrumental, "The Place Where Nothing Would Grow", which were processed through a voice modification device.
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Composer Max Urban once again expanding the boundaries of music with these 17 groundbreaking, new musical compositions for electro-magnetic-guitar and orchestra. 17 mindblowing new musical compositions written, arranged and produced by Max Urban.
Featuring the HIT "Threnody to the Victims of 9/11".
Play it in the background while you are vacuuming.

​“Wow, congrats on creating something that's so fresh and creative! 
Am loving listening - keeping my attention unlike so much these day.”

Wouter Kellerman

“Max Urban has a very delightfully different style; guitar harmonies play in unusual syncopation over a heavy beat, with percussion in the background. His ad lib passages with harmonics come through well in As is, “E’hrenny” and “The Shocker“, with bass notes growling alongside. The place where nothing would grow has distinct vocal processing while “Threnody to the Victims of 9/11,” emotes what could have possibly been passing through these victims’ minds on that fateful day.”
Ricky Kej

“Beautiful job. “I loved your “Stravinsky” piece.” 
Janis Ian

“The Shocker” is definitely thought provoking.” 
Brent Fischer

“What a great album!” 
Al Walser

This is another one and this one is right up my alley ... the style of what I've always aspired to create ... the Progressive Jazz genre started so long ago that escalated my taste from classical to this. Very tight guitar riffs that fly up and down the fretboard backed by a fullness of sound unparalleled ... I'd love to compare the style of Max Urban 's 'Shocker' - I can think of a few, but comparisons are never in order...for this album is now, here Max's sound...and I absolutely love it. It's a genre of Instrumental that brings me back to the pioneers of this expression of the mid '70's...and it's as fresh and has evolved in complexity to satisfy the most discernible ear, appreciative of the style. Well done, Max and your band, wishing you the very best. 
Dexter Chord Music

“Brilliant stuff.”
Dr. Kobi Arad

“Radical and off the broken chain.”
Bridget Kelly Band

Oh my god, I LOVE IT!! This is so fresh and original, I don't think anyone is doing stuff this unique! Kind of Beefheart, kinda Stockhausen, kinda Zappa but really you are an original!! Oh, "The Place Where Nothing Would Grow" is playing now-it's fantastic-I love the chromatic woodwind backgrounds-you are brilliant! Amazing compositions!
Please keep writing this cool unique music of yours! The world needs it!!
Frank Macchia

“It amazes me how you can come up with so many original sounds.”
Rory Gardiner

“Definitely one of the most unique projects I've heard this year, I'm loving it!”
Connor Chee

“Edgy and wonderful.”
Scott C. Hosfeld

“A very progressive sounding record!” 
Charlie Gathe

“Very interesting production.” 
Carol Albert

“Filled with imagination and a very satisfying balance of control and spontaneity. Max Urban is no ordinary talent.” 
Noah Creshevsky

“Very cool stuff.”
Thomas A. Nazziola

“Esoteric progressivism, in a kind of existential way...original...a unique sound production perspective. Interesting...stimulates my interest and curiosity.”
Monty Guy

“Very cool music! I really enjoyed “The Other Side” and “Stravinsky". 
I really love experimental music like this.”
Kevin R. Lucas

“Excellent music!”
Anibal Berraute - Tango Fusion

“I'm listening to “Stravinsky” right now! Very cool! So imaginative!”
Jamila Ford Music

“Awesome, I love it!!!”
Kat Marco

“Wow! Ok so ya had me at the CD cover- I had to listen. Your music is that creative "next step" flow.” 
Markey Blue

“Woah! Amazing stuff! - "Stravinsky" is brilliant! 
Really well done. I love the sound of the tracks as well. 
Where was it recorded?” 
Martin Raymond

“I really dig “The Shocker“. Very eclectic and totally untethered.” 
Lance Hayes

“It‘s outstanding.”
Leticia Rodriguez

“"Stravinsky," is dynamite.” 
John Schneider

“A variety of beautiful tracks.” 
Vanil Veigas

“Good lord. Truly impactful. Great playing too! A modern Penderecki indeed.”
Austin Wintory

“Complex and excellent.”
Paul Marturano

“I love this recording!” 
Mitch Haupers

“Wildly experimental! “Stravinsky” is probably the wisest point to begin, since we THINK we know what you're doing here…sort of dramatizing something essential about Stravinsky the way Bernstein might have done. But then, wow, it just gets more and more interior.” 
John C. Slade

“Jajaja, crasy music i loved”
Osamu GPro

“Wow, very powerful. Very moved by your “9/11” work.”
Kenneth Fuchs

“I just want to respond with my appreciation for your contribution to the beautiful world of music.” 
Lenni Cakess

“It's awesome music.” 
Sonaljit Mukherjee

“Very cool! Really dig your approach. The combination of prog rock, orchestral sounds, rhythms and unique guitar tones/playing are right up my alley. Digging "The Missing" a lot.” 
Ken Eros

“It's fabulous.” 
Cindy Alexander

“Such innovative work!” 
Rondi Marsh

“Interesting work there, I really liked it!” 
Pekka Lunde

“Sounds pretty cool so far.”
Gordon Malboeuf

“WOW, amazing material! Very different from what i have been hearing, very surreal-like. I really liked: "Wise Up Duck," great effects!” 
DManti DManti

“Wonderful! Is that a soundtrack?”
Laura Sullivan

“Amazing work.”
Diane Marino

“Very refreshing I thought it might be avant jazz fusion of some kind.”
Art Robinson

“Love the music, especially "Stravinsky". I thought you captured his essence.” 
Bobby Michaels

“I really enjoy the diversity of styles.”
Heidi Siegell

“Bob Attiyeh has been sure to show me your music, and I'm glad he's kept me in the loop.” 
Jacob Horowitz

“Max I am listening to your soundcloud now. REALLY great.”
Joseph Eid

“Wow ! what a great sound. I was a bassoon major in college, so i appreciate the quality of sound in your recording, often record makers don't get it quite right.”
Jerico DeAngelo

“Intricate and awesome.”
Paul Spaeth

“Love it!”
Doug Fergus

“Very stimulating. Nice transparency in the mixes.”
Svjetlana Bukvich

“Love it!”
Steve O'Brien

“LMAO, love the cover. My 18month old just came running into my office to check out your work. He digs it.” 
Steve Kolakowsky

“Beautiful work. Very pure and clean recording too.”
Hafez Nazeri NY

“Some crazy, and super impressive music. Really interesting stuff!”
Dren Mcdonald

“These are great works to listen to. “Space,” could practically be a movie soundtrack.”
Bob Attiyeh

“So talented.” 
Vassy Karagiorgos

“Truly inspired.”
Richie Luna

“The “Other Side” reminded me of Bitches Brew Miles Davis and “The Missing,” was cool. 
Very unique recording!” 
Michael Packer

“Very cool...reminiscent of jazz, Leonard Bernstein...and of course, Stravinsky! Like the 
“Missing“…“Stravinsky“...where do you come up with these titles?”
Susan Merdinger

“I haven’t heard anything like it.” 
Rebecca Yorn Alison

“THIS IS CRAZY!!! haha. Wonderful. What a treat!”
Lucy Kalantari

“Pretty amazing.”
Bari Koral

“Very unique, very cool.”
Amber Sweeney

“Spectacular work!”
Chris Cortez

“Wild and experimental.” 
Trevor Sewell

“This is really an accomplishment. Really cool.”
Alek Razdan

“Dig Your big sounds.”
Billy David

“Such a wonderful sounding recording! Quite the recipe of music crossing into unknown territories. I haven't heard an arrangement such as “The Shocker“. I congratulate you big time on creating a new unique sound, how many of us can ever say that? Bravo maestro!!”
Mark Pinkus

“It's WILD! It's very complex.” 
Jeff Silverman

“Cool stuff! Just curious, what genre do you classify your music? "Classical"?”
Kelly Hall-Tompkins

“It's pretty avant garde. Uncategorizable.”
Solveig Whittle

“WHOA. You had me from that Stravinsky track! (Actually you had me with the album title and cover.) Great textural and compositional shifts abound. Clever arrangements.” 
Chris Greene

“These compositions are off the charts. Really cool stuff- not every day that you hear someone who has that Stravinski style down cold!”
RamDass Khalsa

“Very unique music, A strong musical voice!”
James Desautels

“The album, the arrangement and production is outstanding.” 
Nikkole Hall

“Hahaha. Love it.”
Jennifer Gibbons

“Oh, I love your music!…I like so much “Stravinsky“!!!”
Anibal Berraute

“Unique brilliance and passion!!! “
Dorie Pride

“It's so different, and well, weird, which is a compliment in my book. I love the different sounds and textures-- it's a very unique and cool style. I think I enjoyed "Space, The Final Space" the most, though I couldn't exactly pinpoint why.” 
Melissa Fielding

Estrella Acosta

“I'm seriously knocked out by the writing. The playing is just absurdly impressive.” 
Nelson Foltz

““Stravinsky” is great stuff. I think even Igor himself would approve. Real nice compositional technique.” 
Tony Finno

“Sounds great!”
Lalo Friedman Crane

“Great tunes.” 
Johnny Koenig

“It's a fantastic album.” 
Dexter Chord

“I really like it.” 
Joshua Cheek

“I can only say whaaaoooo! It is so unique and experimental in many ways, it's a great exploration into music possibilities...great work!” 
Mari Nobre

“Very interesting; I like “Wise Up Duck” the best so far.” 
David Sands

“I listened and I loved it..”
Connor Chee

“Great stuff.” 
Glenn Zottola

“Love the music.”
Lauren Kinhan

“"The Shocker" is a very good & well-produced project.” 
Deborah Denham Johnson

“Now this is different!” 
David G Smith

“Thanks Max, Awesome!!! I love the work!!!”
Martha Reich Braden
“WOW! Such a shocker!!! 

What a fresh smell!” 
Zinovy Shersher

“This is clean, where did you record this?”
Elijah Harvey

“Very different. Totally hear the influence of Stravinsky and other influences. Very interesting choice for instruments and multi-cultural elements.”
Leonardo Le San

“Very cool record. So imaginative!” 
Jamila Ford

“Thanks Max! Very cool and beautiful music! And its interesting with a lot of surprises. I really enjoyed listening!” 
Kevin Lucas

“I've been listening to assorted tracks form your album for a little while, and continue to do so while I type. I started out with "Stravinsky," This is close to my heart... or some undisclosed location in my chest. I haven't heard something like this in a long time... This is too good! I love the chances you take. I see where the title comes from, of course... but you probably realize you could also have called it "Zappa" and it would have been a fitting title. But I guess it's wise to list one's influences in chronological order. This music feels so alive, in the sense that it has the comings and goings, and the randomness one can only find in nature. I wish you had the liner notes up... I can tell some of the instruments are sampled, though they sound like they were played live, as opposed to programmed. The difference in ambience for some of the instruments leads me to believe this was recorded in multiple takes... is this all you, by any chance? (edit: upon listening to more tracks I'm even more confused... some sections sound like free form jams, with people playing together and interacting with each other... I'll stop guessing now).I'm just curious, as it doesn't change my perception of the music. I also wonder, on a track like "Wise up Duck", how much of this was written down or planned out, and how much was created in the editing room. Again, just curious as to what your creative process and production criteria might be. I do want to come back to this just so I can better appreciate it after a full night's sleep (which I haven't had in about two months now). Out of the tracks I listened to, Stravinsky stuck in my mind because it was the first one and it really lived up to its name, but I think I'd probably pick "The Sink", because it has many of the same attributes, but at the same time it provides brief sections of groove-oriented material, and I like the contrast that provides. Also, did not see the vocals coming on "The Place..."... a very welcome change of colors, yet it belongs with the rest of the album. Overall, this has been a mind-bending listen... very happy to have met you and listened to your music... I'll recommend it to students and colleagues who want to have their minds blown with composers who are still alive Your music makes me happy in a very weird way. But it does!” 
Emilio D. Miler

“Out of the box, i really dig it, nice to hear something so amazingly fresh with a whole new perspective.”
Alicia Perrone

“This record is absolutely unbelievable, I can tell you no lie. What is surreal arrangement the one called “Stravinsky“. I found it extremely creative, I am a Salvador Dali fan so you can imagine my taste in music is almost the same. I think it is absolutely amazing. One of the best albums this year. GREAT JOB. Just so you know...I AM STILL LISTENING TO YOUR RECORD... Man, your album is one of the best productions.”
Salsanimal Marlow-Rosado

“Oh, Mannnn! Love “The Shocker””
Cheryl Hodge

“”Stravinsky”-Nice piece.” 
Nick Bayard

“Really digging “ Stravinsky”. Really interesting stuff. “ 
Jamie Baum

“Wow ! Very contemporary, avant garde, and exciting!” 
Deborah Magone

“It's "different"!! very creative!” 
Doug Fergus

“Truly Avant-garde.” 
Mark Barnes Music

Lee Benoit

“Innovative stuff. Crazy good!” 
Bridget Kelly Band

“What else can I say? Brilliant!” 
JC Unger

“Your album is awesome!!! Very Cool. Intriguing. Sonically exciting.” 
Susan Ruth

“Wow. I am in awe of a musician who truly knows his craft and who creates something truly unique and moving and stirring with the amazing tools he has. It's just incredible!” 
Edie Carey

“Well done!” 
Dr. Raymond Torres-Santos

“Really cool stuff! “ 
Marc Bazerman

“Very interesting!” 

“Really unusual. Your music pushes the envelope, and there is always room for that. Bravo.” 
Michael Hoppe

“I love it.” 
Heidi Siegell

“Max Urban is a talented artist.”
Denise Young Music

“We love "Stravinsky."“ 
Minstrel Streams

“Yes OMG yes. I love your stuff!!” 
Doug Fergus

“Really creative music.” 
Mehmet Ali Sanlikolsa

“Loved "STRAVINSKY". My husband, Ricky Kej, our team and I listened to it together in our studio. It is brilliant.”
Varsha Kej

“Super! Very cool music.” 
Solveig Whittle

“Cool and Wow! Next level instrumentation. Awesome!” 
Cisco Castille

“Truly an impressive work with a refreshing mix of instrumentation.” 
Tractor Pull Divas

""The Shocker," is absolutely wonderful. It is without doubt the most exciting album I've heard all year. Eclectic, interesting and exciting.” 
Battersby Duo

“Great project.” 
Ruth Weber

""Stravinsky" certainly captures the attention!”
Eileen Bluestone Sherman

“Brilliant, expressive, quirky, entertaining.”
Lauren Kinhan

“Love it!!!” 
Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz

“Wow! Some very very interesting and eclectic compositions and instrumental textures. Very very unique.” 
Andrew Aversa

“Very impressive and innovative!” 
Elizabeth Butler

“Wow, that “Stravinsky” piece is crazy good!” 
Daniel Flam

“I am totally down with what you're doing.” 
Kevin Murphy

“I like the body of work you've put together.”

“Really great. You need to send of your talent my way.” 
Stevie G

“Wow, so refreshing to hear a real musician for a change. I am sick of receiving all these requests from this Yoga classes composers, with a music that would put to sleep anybody with a minimum taste and concept. People need to know about your music.” 
Emilio Solla

“My page is used to promote my music. I do not allow anyone to post their videos or announcements unless they are close friends.
Please do not post anything on my page.”
Vinnie Zummo

“Is this what you call shameless promotion?”
Alan Porzio